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Recanvassing a Canoe

Replacing the canvas on a canoe is not as technically difficult at it may first appear to one who has never done it.

First remove all of the old canvas and make any repairs needed to the wood.

new planks in a canoe

Here is the stripped canoe with the new planks in the bottom.   The curves are accomplished with a combination of thin wood and steaming.

Here is the bottom of the canoe, all prepped and ready for the new canvas.  The canvas is put on dry.  It is fastened to the stem and stretched as much as possible.  It is then fastened to the gunwales with tacks or staples..

After stretching the new canvas and getting it as tight as possible, a filler compound is rubbed into the canvas with a mitt.  When this is nice and smooth, paint in the customer’s choice of color is applied.  We generally apply 3 coats.  Look at that shine!

Here is Marshall standing by the nearly completed canoe.   Unfortunately, the photographer was not on call prior to the owner picking up the completed project.  At this point all that was left to do was replace the gunwale strips.

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