Classic Boatworks of  Maine

Here is a Chris Craft on which we did a restoration .

Here is a picture of the deck after being stripped and sanded.  One of the “secrets” to a beautiful varnished finish is the preparation that takes place before the first coat is laid.  Between the coats of varnish be sure to sand and then tack.  We find commercial tack cloths are the best bargain and free of particles which might effect the final finish.

This is a photo taken before the restoration was begun.  The bottom was already partially removed.

Here is another view of the bottom of the Chris Craft before we began the restoration.  The rotting canvas membrane can be seen here.  It is this membrane which provides the seal in double planked bottoms.

Here is a picture of the partially restored bottom.  All of the bottom planks were remove and then a new membrane was stretched over the inner planks.   This was bedded in with bedding compound and the outer planks were reinstalled.   Replacement planks were fitted in as needed.

Here is a picture of the almost  finished

1938 Chris Craft.

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