Fast Forward!!

Classic Boatworks of  Maine

It’s  Classic!

It’s Traditional!

It’s built with Made in Maine Quality !

Best of all, the starting price of a completely assembled, ready to paint pram is  $595.

A standard pram ready for the water is  just $825.

A Deluxe Pram ready for the water with paint and varnish – $1075

Our prams are made of   Marine Grade Plywood, with traditional oak framing and White Pine seats.  Our prams have both inner and outer oak gunwales.

Deluxe Model $725 – ready to finish

Want to try Sailing?  

We build the pram as a sailing model. 

Ready for the water – hull only … $1175

Ready to Sail (including sail) … $1895

Here are some photos of the building process:

Ready to have the bottom attached. 

Bottom and skeg in place – ready to come off the mold

Off the mold – ready for gunnels, seats and finishing.

As you can see, this boat does not have steam bent ribs as are called for in the plans we e-mail out for free.  With the oak framing and the double gunwales it is not necessary.

As you can see, the pram is a lightweight craft and is just what you need to get from the dock to your mooring.  The pram tows well due to the vee – bottom and the rocker.   It’s also a great for vessel for teaching your small fry to row and sail.

Classic Boatworks of Maine

You can purchase the basic, ready to paint pram, as shown here, at our shop for $595.

These prams are inexpensive and rugged.  They are the perfect boat for your camp on the lake, river or ocean.   For those who purchase  boats in quantity (get the whole neighborhood in on it!),  we offer discounts and delivery of  the ready-to-finish prams  anywhere in New England.

Specifications: 8′  unpainted plywood pram. Sides and bottom 1/4″ Marine Grade plywood, transoms 3/4″ Marine Grade plywood, Oak inner and outer gunwales, chines, transom and bow frames, Pine skeg and oak keel.   White Pine seats.   All fasteners are Marine Grade Stainless steel.

For more information, or to place an order,
please call or  write:

Classic Boatworks of Maine
3 Duhaime Drive
Hancock, Me 04640

prambuilder at yahoo dot com

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Contact: Marshall and Jo Duhaime, Jr.
3 Duhaime Drive
Hancock, Me.04640

email:  prambuilder at yahoo dot com